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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Over 575 krtis form the major part of Ravikiran's 1100+ compositions, many of which have been performed by leading vocalists and instrumentalists. Ravikiran has showcased diversity within this popular form in terms of sections, tempo, length and sophistication of pieces. He krtis cover various themes ranging from invocatory to intellectual, philosophical and spiritual to social and showcase individual schematic swarakshara types of krtis to thematic sets of songs such as the 108 Divya Desha Gaanaamrtam, 72 Mela Raga Mala and 35 Tala Set. Embedded with interesting word plays, melodic innovations as well as fast and slow portions, many of these are the windows to the composer's vast inventiveness. Many of these have been presented by leading vocalists and instrumentalists.

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