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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Mahabharatha - Yuddha Parvam

Ravikiran was invited by Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival to compose the first and final segments of their grand 6-day Operatic dance production, Mahabharata, which premiered in April 2014. The 6th and final part Mahabharata - Yuddha Shapatam covered Geetopadesham, Bheeshma Parvam, Drona Parvam, Karna Parvam, Shalya Parvam and Shanti Parvam. Beginning with a Pushpanjali in Kamalamanohari, it culminated in the coronation of Yudhishtra depicted in a grand 3-part Natyamalika Tillana featuring Bharatanatyam in the Pallavi, Kathak in the Anupallavi and Kuchipudi in the Charanam before all 3 dance style merge in a climactic finish. However, only the Geetopadesham and the Natyamalika Tillana of his were presented in the San Diego and Cleveland Festivals as they featured the dance legend Pt Birju Maharaj, his prime disciple Shaswati Sen, Guru Rhadha, Divyasena and other leading performers. Musicians included Anahita & Apoorva Ravindran, Ranjani Ramakrishnan and other noted exponents on sitar, tabla & mrdangam.

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