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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Ravikiran has composed close to 40 tillanas, perhaps the maximum by a single composer.  Many of these have been presented by leading musicians and dancers. These are of diverse types: classical style tillanas in evocative (rakti) ragas like Reetigowla, Nattaikkuranji, Begada and Ghanta, contemporary style tillanas in ragas like Hamsanadam, Hamsanandi, Sunadavinodini and Amrtavarshini and unique ones such as the Pancha Raga Pancha Tala Pancha Jati Malika Tillana, Chaturashra Tishra Tillana and exploratory ones such as the one in Karnatakashuddhasaveri which highlights Mrdangam and Mrdanga Yati, Katyayani Tillana which showcases the 3-note raga (SM1D2S – SD2M1S) discovered by the composer himself.  Many of his tillanas are replete with inventive rhythmic ideas and exciting swaraksharas and other interesting features. 

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