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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Unique Thematic Compositions

Ravikiran has composed a number of unique pieces. These include: Pancha-raga-tala-jati-malika tillanaPancha gati Varnam, Ashtadasha (18) Ragamalika Varnam, Dasha-Ranjani Tillana, Raga-bhasha-malika krtis, Natya-malika tillana (for bharatanatyam, kathak and kuchipudi dance styles), Tillana in Chaturashra-Tishram and a whole piece with only descending phrases, Sada nin padame in Chakravakam.  He has created pieces with abundant swaraksharas (where the word matches the solfa note), at times leveraging on the sequence of notes in the raga in compositions like Sariga mada nigrahamu (Hamsanandi) and Sada makhari (Abhogi).  Ravikiran also introduced the concept of Schematic Swaraksharas where the swaraksharas are set in interesting patterns using one focal note which leads to other notes. Examples: S,D – R,D, – G,D – M,D – P,D – D,D – N,D etc in Sadaramutonu (Shankarabharanam), SR-RR-GR-MR-PR-DR-NR etc in Sari gadamma (Keeravani) or SD, – GD, – MD, – ND, etc in Sada sadayudai (Hindolam), to name a few.