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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Pallavis, Korvais and Cadenzas - Seamless, Yati & Illusory Creations

Ravikiran's has created several hundred pallavis, of which a substantial percentage were composed on-stage, minutes before he presented them (during solo turns of the violinists). The others were unique creations such as the Pancha-Jati Pallavi which highlights all the 5 pulses (from Chaturashram to Sankeernam), camouflage pallavis (where the gatis will change in most subtle ways) and the Navaraga-malika Pallavi which showcases 9 ragas along with their names embedded in the lyrics).

He has created over 1000 korvais of various types but his introduction and/or development of paradigm-shifting concepts such as Seamless Korvais, Illusory Korvais (where most things are not what they seem to be), Mrdanga & Vedamadhyama Yati Korvais and Double Yati Blended Korvais (which combine diverse yatis in 2 layers) have charted new courses for both melody and percussion performers and students. His Empirical Formula to Create Korvais for almost any number has empowered artists to be able to come up with their own sophisticated finales within seconds. But Ravikiran has constantly advocated that such intellectual aspects of music must be no more than 3-5% in a concert and even those segments must be ruled by aesthetics. A few examples are shared here.