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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Ragas Discovered by Ravikiran

Ravikiran discovered a new Indian raga at age 2 along with his father and named it Choodamani, after his mother.  He has discovered at least a dozen ragas (perhaps, the maximum by an individual).  He is the first to create an Indian raga in honour of the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, which he named as Narendra Modini in which he also composed the song, Surendra Muneendra Narendra Modini.  Ravikiran is also the first to create a raga in honour of a non-Indian icon, Ludwig van Beethoven, which he named Veetavanam.  He is one of the rare few to dedicate a new raga (Mohini) and a song to Mahatma Gandhi.  Some of his raga discoveries have been listed below, along with their basic scale-sequences.  In a couple of instances, though Ravikiran independently discovered and named them, he later came to know that these ragas had been discovered earlier by other (wherein the earlier names have also been mentioned):


 S R₂ G₃ M₁ P D₂ Ṡ – Ṡ D₂ P M₁ G₃ R₂ S



 S G₃ M₁ P D₁ N₂ Ṡ – Ṡ N₂ D₁ P M₁ G₃ R₂ S


Ayōdhyēsha (3 note scale aka Ganapathi

 S G₂ P Ṡ – Ṡ P G₂ S



 S G₃ M₂ P D₂ N₃ Ṡ – Ṡ N₃ P M₂ G₃ S


Vivāhapriya (aka Sārangatarangiṇi)

 S R₂ M₂ P D₂ N₃ Ṡ – Ṡ N₃ D₂ P M₂ R₂ S


Nityamangala (4 note scale)

 S G₂ P D₂ Ṡ – Ṡ D₂ P G₂ S


Sanjeevini (Uses 2 types of Ni)

 S G₂ M₁ P N₃ Ṡ – Ṡ N₂ P M₁ G₂ S


Katyāyani (3 note scale)

 S M₁ D₂ Ṡ – Ṡ D₂ M₁ S



 S R₂ M₁ P D₁ Ṡ – Ṡ D₁ P M₁ R₂ S



S G₂ P D₁ N₂ Ṡ – Ṡ N₂ D₁ P G₂ S


Mōhini (Created in honour of Mahatma Gandhi; uses 2 types of Da and Ga)

S R₂ G₃ P D₂ Ṡ – Ṡ D₂ D₁ P G₃ G₂ R₂ S


Narēndra Mōdini (Named in honour of the Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi)

S G₃ M₂ D₂ N₃ Ṡ – Ṡ N₃ D₂ P M₂ G₃ R₁ S


Andhakāriṇi (Created specially to showcase complete darkness by removing the 5th note – Pa – from Jyōtiswaroopiṇi.  The theory here is that the absence of the 5th darkens the mood considerably.)

S G₂ P M₂ P Ṡ N₃ Ṡ – Ṡ N₂ D₂  P M₂ P R₂ M₁ G₂  S


Veetavanam (Created in honour of Ludwig van Beethoven) 

S R₃ G₃ M₂ D₂ N₂ Ṡ – Ṡ N₂ D₂  M₂ G₃ R₃ S


Garuḍapriya (A few scholars believe that this is called Bhāmamaṇi)

S R₂ G₃ M₂ D₁ N₂ Ṡ – Ṡ N₂ D₁ M₂ G₃ R₂ S