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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Dance Operas

Ravikiran is probably the most prolific composer of traditional style Operatic Dance Productions as well as contemporary dance creations. The former includes Lakshmi Prabhavam, Savitri, Vinayaka Vaibhavam, Almighty Trinity, Ramayanam Bala Khandam, Ramayanam Yuddha Khandam, Mahabharata - Karna Shapatam, Mahabharata - Yuddha Parvams and Geetopadesham wherein he composed the entire music and lyrics. Besides, he has also scored the music for several multi-cultural dance creations such as Cosmos, Translation, Pushed to the Edge and Illusion to Resolution as well as for short dance productions such as Panchakriya and Panchali Shapatam. His productions have been choreographed and/or presented by legendary and leading dancers in frontline venues and festivals across India, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries.


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