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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Sada nin padame



This is a unique composition in the history of Carnatic Music.  The entire composition uses only descending melodic phrases.  However, it was composed as a response to a film composer from Tamil Nadu Ilayaraja, who created a piece using only ascending phrases in Kalyani.  However, Ravikiran later globalized this concept through a Trilogy of Western Symphonic pieces with only descending phrases.  One of them was performed by the Sacramento Youth Symphony, USA in May 2012.  (Note: The Charanam of this song does not conform to the 2nd syllable rhyme seen in most of Ravikiran’s and other leading Carnatic composers’ creations.) 


sadA nin pAdamE tuNai enakku maNivaNNa mAdhava yAdava


sudhAman nEshanE aruL sheiya vEr yAruLar bhuviyinil irangivA


ravi shashi lOchananE (a) piramanum piraiyaNi paramanum paNindiDum
ravi shashi lOchananE (b) dEvaki bAlanE dEvarhaL pAlanE
pANDavar vENDiDum pAvana pannaga tANDavam ADiDum ANDavanE
sAnidhyam aNuhiDavE arun tavam purindiDum enai
ALavA meeLa nAn ODi vA paranda vAnaLanda vAsudEva