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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Neeye en tunai - Mukhari - Adi




neeyE en tuNai 
nimiDamAvadu pArpAi enai


mAyE marakata oLiyE varu- 
vAyE vinai tavirpAyE


kALidAsan mudal mA vilAsamuDai nAvalar pOTRiDum nannidhiyE

neeLamAna ghana neela vENiyE neelakanThan manattEn nadiyE 

nALum un karuNai nADiDum ravi shashi mudal bhaktarin gatiyE 

tALamODishai iNaindu veeNai meeTTiDum saraswatiyin sangatiyE 


Oh Devi, you are my sole companion and refuge.  At least glance at me for a minute.  

You are illusion personified and are as resplendent as the green emerald.  Please come and eliminate all hassles.  

You are celebrated by major poets such as Kalidasa; you are the river of nectar flowing in the heart of the blue-necked Shiva; you are the refuge for devotees such as Ravi (Sun) and Shashi (Moon); you are the beautiful variations flowing from the Veena of Goddess Saraswati. 

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