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Chitravina N Ravikiran
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Meettu tara bhAramo



A rare autobiographical song which the composer typically refrains from.  This was composed in Oct 2018, days after he was the victim of a conspiracy by a set of malicious people with varying vendettas who colluded and created fake news against him, using a noble global movement as their shield, which is suggested in the very first word.  However, Ravikiran has always maintained that ‘God has always been kind and he has no reason to complain’ and ‘Truths cannot be changed even by billions repeating a lie multiple times.’ 


meeTTut-tara bhAramO (i) nar pErai (ii) koDiyOr
kooTTaNi tuLaittaruL tarum mAdhavanE 


pATTum uyar veeNai meeTTum uyir ena
kATTiya nATTiya moortiyE keertiyai


vahai vahaiyAhavE vanchangaL niRaindE
pahai enum puhai niRai guhaiyinil irundE
mihai paDuttiyE poi mazhaiyinai pozhindE
nahaippOrai veezhttum ravi shashi nayananE